Drug Treatment

Increasing Opportunities

The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) continued to make inmate drug treatment a priority, while also increasing available slots so that more offenders could take advantage of treatment options. During FY12: methadone maintenance graph

  • 9% increase in available drug treatment slots since FY07.
  • 91% of available slots filled resulting in 2,173 offenders completing a drug treatment course.

In 2008 DPSCS launched the first ever correctional methadone maintenance program. Arrestees in need coming into the Division of Pretrial Detention and Services are continued on methadone therapy. Upon release, DPSCS works with the detainee to match them up again with their community-based maintenance program. During FY12:

  • 2,495 detainees were continued on a methadone maintenance program, a 131% increase over the first year of operation.

Drug Treatment News

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Quick Facts

Slots and Completion

  • 91% of available slots filled during FY12
  • 2,173 offenders completed a drug treatment course in FY12


Methadone Maintenance

  • 2,495 offenders participated in FY12
  • 131% increase in participants since first year of operation