Inmates Make Maryland Greener Behind Bars
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WASHINGTON COUNTY, MD - Some inmates are doing their part to make the state of Maryland a little greener as they're recycling behind the bars.

Maryland made more than $230,000 last year by recycling. The recycling plant in Hagerstown recycles an average of 20 loads every month, but the program provides more than just a positive economic impact.

A study shows inmates who work with Maryland Correctional Enterprises maintain a lower-than-average rate to commit another crime after being released.

"When they were getting incarcerated, they basically weren't working. They were doing other things that got them into trouble. Here, give them some opportunities to show that they can be a productive person outside the prison wall and stuff like that, and gives them the meaning for doing stuff like that," says James Taylor, MCE recycling program supervisor.

Under the law, the recycled items are only sold to the state agencies and non-profits.